What our awesome students say about us…

“Streetwise driving school would have to be the best driving school on the Gold Coast! They don’t just care about making money, they generally care about you as a person and care about what you want to achieve with your driving and with your life. They are so patient and take time to work with you in areas you think you need help and help you too build up your confidence, which is something I needed to do. My instructor Brooke was amazing, she helped me to get the confidence that I needed to feel comfortable driving, and I passed my P’s test first go! 🙂 I also did the defensive driving course that Streetwise offers and that helped a lot with building my confidence with driving! Streetwise also has female instructors which I found made it a lot more comfortable for me as I wanted a female instructor. If you are learning to drive then streetwise is the driving school for you :). – Krystle”

“I was very impressed with the driving lessons my daughter received. She had 10 lessons and it was worth every cent. She is now a competent and aware driver!”

“I suffer from an auditory processing disorder and find it difficult to learn some things, I get anxiety and depression because of it too. I found Streetwise totally helpful and calm in helping me to learn to drive, I’ve now been on my P’s for 6 months and find I don’t get anxiety in the car anymore because of the strategies Streetwise has given me, thank you Streetwise!”

“Awesome driving school! I tried a couple of other schools on the Gold Coast and they definitely didn’t know as much as the trainers at Streetwise”

“I didn’t know reverse parking could be explained so easily, 1 lesson and I’m set, thanks for making it simple for me”

“I had a car accident as a passenger before learning to drive, so was really anxious about starting, Brooke at Streetwise made it seem so easy and comfortable for me, I’m not scared anymore”

“My daughter has schizophrenia and so learning to drive was very difficult for her, the instructors at Streetwise have helped her feel ‘normal’ and have been so patient and understanding using methods she can adapt to learn to drive safely, this has made a huge difference in her confidence in life, thank you”

“I had such a great time on your defensive driving course, it was so informative and I feel more confident in taking to the streets with more crash avoidance techniques, I’ll be telling all my friends about your 1 day course”

“I built such a great relationship with Streetwise that even when I moved to Brisbane I’d still travel down especially to have lessons, I wouldn’t go anywhere else”

“As a parent, my son’s safety is of utmost concern, the trainers at Streetwise seem to understand this and consulted me along the way so that we could all teach him with a similar approach – other schools we have tried didn’t even bother to get out of the car to talk to us, but Streetwise always added value and gave updates on how he was going, much appreciated”

“First class training, very impressive”

“Both of my children suffer from Asperger’s, so learning has never come easy for them, the instructors at streetwise have a lot of experience in teaching Asperger’s teenagers and so the journey of learning to drive wasn’t as horrific as first though, both kids are now on their P’s passing first time with Streetwise, I highly recommend calling Streetwise if you have a learning difficulty”

“Streetwise helped me get my license from taking me to get my permit (L) Learners, and taught me all the lessons I needed to learn and have a great team of instructors. Now I have to thank them for not only teaching me how to drive safely but to give me the knowledge of how to drive. I also attended their Defensive Driving one day course, it was great you can bring your own car or use one of theirs. The man Chris who holds the presentations is great really fun and when you are out on the track with Alfie or the others you really feel safe and in control of all the obstacles and different situations you are put in, in a safe environment. Not think once about recommending them to anyone because it’s a no brainer. Thankyou so much for everything you have done from my L’s to my red P’s.”

“Very professional & informative, great communication from all staff & instructors, always on hand to clear up any queries, definitely recommend & will be using them for my other 2 children!”

“”The most amazing driving school! I had tried others, even those claiming to be fun and in tune with their Learners. My bf said try streetwise there the best. The instructors at streetwise were fun, informative and definitely knew there driving. Their instructors have trained police, military and bodyguard drivers, they were so much fun to hang with and learn so much from. You will not get better.”

“Streetwise driving school are the most amazing people to teach you to drive, they are so much more than a driving school. They put the time in to get to know you and get to know what you are comfortable with doing with your driving and they work with you on the things you aren’t so confident on. They are so friendly and caring, it’s not all about the money and them just doing a job, they care about your success and all you are hoping to achieve with driving. I recommend streetwise driving school over anything other driving school, if you want people that care and want to help you achieve the best then streetwise is for you. 🙂 Both my brother and I got our license through them and both passed first time, the instructors aren’t just ” instructors ” but lifelong friends 🙂 They also offer a defensive driving course which is amazing! Helps you to build more confidence and to handle situations on the road more calmly and you get to have fun while learning all about road safety. So if you want a good driving school that cares then streetwise is for you :)”

“Thankyou for being very professional, helpful and friendly, would recommend you anytime, Danika”

“I’ve been with Streetwise driving school for a year now and all I can say is they are absolutely AMAZING!!! They really help and make sure you get on the right track to becoming a safe driver 🙂 The driving instructors are so friendly, caring and wonderful towards you’re 100 hours of driving experience! I grantee speaking from my experience you will not fail you’re test! I highly recommend Streetwise driving school as you’re driving instructors! A must!”

“Amazing service, great instructors. Never late. Always confirming your appointments :)”

“I had been having lessons for 14 years off and on. I didn’t think I would ever get my licence. Then I decided to give it 1 last shot I was recommended by a friend to call Streetwise. It was the best decision. David was amazing he helped to give me the confidence I needed. They all made me feel like they really cared. Also as I have children they could offer me lessons early morning and in the evenings. I would not hesitate 2 recommend them 2 anyone. 10 star!!!!!”

“Would recommend to anyone to Streetwise that are looking for an affordable and reliable way to get their license. Great contact, wonderful, kind, helpful and responsible supervisors who will make it an ace to get your Learner or Provisional 🙂 A must for locals.”

“I have been with many other Driving Instructors, However, Brooke was incredible. She knew exactly what she was talking about, was super flexible with bookings and was really enjoyable to learn with. Every lesson felt like she was happy to be with you and happy to be teaching/guiding you, it didn’t feel like it was rushed or because it was her job. I would recommend everyone to use Streetwise Driver Training as it truly is amazing. Thanks Brooke!!”

“Streetwise Driver Training is an amazing school to teach you how to drive. Brooke is a lovely person who is very thorough, a great trainer, loves what she does, passionate and very hard working. She teaches you because she wants you to learn and achieve and be the best that you can be. I have experienced other driving schools and the difference between the one that I was at previously as compared to Streetwise is like night and day. I appreciate all of the help, knowledge and support Brooke has given me and I highly recommend her to anyone. Keep up the amazing work! :)”

“After having my Learner’s License for more than 10yrs i thought it was about time i went for my P’s, I contacted Streetwise Driver Training and never looked back, Brooke was the best instructor i could of ever hoped to get, she made it very easy to understand all the things i had to learn. I would recommend them to anyone who is getting there license they are absolutely fabulous.. Thank u so much Streetwise Driver Training, 16months on, and i have never been happier thanks to all ur help 🙂

“I have had some many driving instructors before i found out about Streetwise , they r the best , I had a driving lesson today , before I go for my p’s on Monday , and I am thankful I did , I was scared about going to do my p’s but now after a couple of driving lessons I’m really excited about going for my p’s , Thankyou Streetwise , when II need a refresh on my driving skills , in the future I will be definitely be coming back .”’

“I had a few driving instructors before Brooke, but I believe I found a rare surprise amongst the hordes of instructors roaming the Gold Coast. She can teach in such a way that makes you feel completely comfortable and safe on the road with her amazing personality. I also had a majority of technical lessons and I still use the reverse parking technique that Brooke taught me amongst many other things. If you haven’t had any professional lessons then I completely recommend Brooke as your person. She helped me be a safe and responsible driver on the road and to pass my test on the first go. I thank Brooke immensely and know you won’t be disappointed. Choose Streetwise Driver Training!”

“The reason I finally got my driving licence is because Brooke was more than just a driving instructor. It was a pleasure driving with her. Her joyful character and her empathy gave me confidence to overcome my fears and persevere to attain my goal. She communicates very well and shows much patience towards her students. So friendly and simple, Brooke makes driving easy. The teaching techniques that she possesses turn the novice into a good driver in no time. So if you want to go for your driving licence there is no better choice than Streetwise Driver Training Pty Ltd. “

“Streetwise Driver Training is the best. Before I had my first driving lesson I had no confidence in driving, and my mum kept freaking out, but now that I have had a few lessons with my instructor Brooke she doesn’t freak out much now, and actually lets me drive longer trips now. At streetwise they go at your pace, they don’t rush you into doing anything, and they make you feel comfortable behind the wheel, and with a flexible schedule, who wouldn’t be happier? I never thought driving could be this much fun until Streetwise. Whether it’s Automatic or Manual, wet or dry, Streetwise Driver Training knows everything there is to know about driving. I recommend it to all new drivers.”

“I could not be happier with Streetwise Driver Training, my driving instructor Brooke was just awesome.. I had had my learners for 10yrs and didn’t have the confidence to drive or to go for my test, but after 1 – 2 lessons with Brooke, she made me feel like I could achieve anything.. She has a wonderful way of making u feel so at ease behind the wheel, she explains things in detail, so that you totally understand what she is saying.. I would recommend Streetwise Driver Training to anybody, special those who lake the confidence behind the wheel like I did.. I cannot thank Brook enough for what she has helped me to achieve.. Thanks again Brooke and Streetwise Driver Training for helping me to FINALLY get my license…”

“Perfect company to go with, the driving instructor Brooke, is a wonderful lady who looks out for her students, with flexible appointment schedule, great advice, and a friendly and happy person over all. 🙂 At Streetwise I’ve noticed Brooke will go at “your” speed, if you’re not ready to go on the busy road or even the highway, she will build your confidence up and wait, after 1 or 2 lessons with Brooke you’ll feel like you’re ready to drive over the country side. Perfect for any type of driver, Auto or even Manual, Brooke does it. My first time driving I went with Brooke, I Decided to do Manual, so we went to a quiet Loop street in Helensvale, because I was not ready to go on the road or in front of traffic, in case I would stall or bunny hop, and people would get mad, but Brooke was fine with my decision, so we went to the loop street, and she taught me my blind spots, my mirrors, some of the gears, the stop and go starts etc. Yes, of course I stalled it a couple of times but Brooke would just tell me to pull over and she would explain it and then tell me to start again. The second lesson came up fast, and I felt medium comfortable to drive in front of the traffic, so Brooke took me to A Medium – Quiet area again deeper in Helensvale, where I learnt my three point turn and my U Turns in a No Through way street. By my third lesson we went deeper into the busier areas, so I can do roundabouts, T junctions and traffic lights. At this stage I went up to fifth gear and felt like I have been driving for a while, but with still a lot more to learn. With other lessons going past, I learnt other main key facts about driving with getting compliments from Brooke about how I’m improving, and what area’s I should be looking at improving on. I have just finished my eighth driving lesson with her an hour and a half ago, and I was changing gears, stopping at lights, going through roundabouts, and doing hill starts. Well Recommended, Learn About Driving The Type Auto Or Manual Car, And Also Gain Confidence When Driving On The Road :)”

Because of the information provided both in theory and practice, I was able to get a lot out of the training. It was a real awakening, highlighting the risks we all take daily on the road and how serious the consequences can be. I was also reminded of my obligations as a driver and how my attitude affects my behaviour on the road. I believe that this training has been very beneficial to me and will help to keep myself and my family safer on the road. I also believe that all drivers should take a training course like this every few years to do a health check on our attitudes and behaviours and to update our driving skills and knowledge. – Mitchell, DUI , Manly West Qld

Doing the Streetwise Traffic Offenders Safe Driving Behaviours Course allowed me to look at the statistics, consequences and facts which I wouldn’t have considered otherwise. It served me as a great reminder and educated me in my misbeliefs. –  Jessica, NSW,  Mid-Range DUI

After completing the Streetwise Safe Driving Behaviours Course, I have learnt that my current driving habits have led me to being in my current position.  The course gave me a better understanding on how I need to think about safety when operating a vehicle and the impacts that falling in to bad habits can have on my driving and the people around me. – Zac, Brisbane, Speeding Offence

Attending this course has shown me the necessary actions that I must take to ensure that I am a safe driver and also make the right decisions when it comes to operating a motor vehicle out in the community. – Troy, Sunshine Coast, DUI

I believe these courses are beneficial to all drivers ( not just those who commit offences) and recommend that they are completed every 5 years, as drivers become complacent with the rules and sometimes misunderstand or forget them. – Craig, NSW, Speeding Offence

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