“Perfect company to go with, the driving instructor Brooke, is a wonderful lady who looks out for her students, with flexible appointment schedule, great advice, and a friendly and happy person over all. 🙂 At Streetwise I’ve noticed Brooke will go at “your” speed, if you’re not ready to go on the busy road or even the highway, she will build your confidence up and wait, after 1 or 2 lessons with Brooke you’ll feel like you’re ready to drive over the country side. Perfect for any type of driver, Auto or even Manual, Brooke does it. My first time driving I went with Brooke, I Decided to do Manual, so we went to a quiet Loop street in Helensvale, because I was not ready to go on the road or in front of traffic, in case I would stall or bunny hop, and people would get mad, but Brooke was fine with my decision, so we went to the loop street, and she taught me my blind spots, my mirrors, some of the gears, the stop and go starts etc. Yes, of course I stalled it a couple of times but Brooke would just tell me to pull over and she would explain it and then tell me to start again. The second lesson came up fast, and I felt medium comfortable to drive in front of the traffic, so Brooke took me to A Medium – Quiet area again deeper in Helensvale, where I learnt my three point turn and my U Turns in a No Through way street. By my third lesson we went deeper into the busier areas, so I can do roundabouts, T junctions and traffic lights. At this stage I went up to fifth gear and felt like I have been driving for a while, but with still a lot more to learn. With other lessons going past, I learnt other main key facts about driving with getting compliments from Brooke about how I’m improving, and what area’s I should be looking at improving on. I have just finished my eighth driving lesson with her an hour and a half ago, and I was changing gears, stopping at lights, going through roundabouts, and doing hill starts. Well Recommended, Learn About Driving The Type Auto Or Manual Car, And Also Gain Confidence When Driving On The Road :)”