“Streetwise driving school are the most amazing people to teach you to drive, they are so much more than a driving school. They put the time in to get to know you and get to know what you are comfortable with doing with your driving and they work with you on the things you aren’t so confident on. They are so friendly and caring, it’s not all about the money and them just doing a job, they care about your success and all you are hoping to achieve with driving. I recommend streetwise driving school over anything other driving school, if you want people that care and want to help you achieve the best then streetwise is for you. 🙂 Both my brother and I got our license through them and both passed first time, the instructors aren’t just ” instructors ” but lifelong friends 🙂 They also offer a defensive driving course which is amazing! Helps you to build more confidence and to handle situations on the road more calmly and you get to have fun while learning all about road safety. So if you want a good driving school that cares then streetwise is for you :)”