Do you know what to consider when choosing the best driving school?

1908001_782859408400057_2778632849224718446_nDeciding on the best driving school for your learner driver is an imperative for their safety and the future. Like selecting the right high school much consideration must go into the quality of the school and their teachings.

Here are some questions to ask:

  1. Are they an accredited driving instructor?
  2. Do they have a current blue card?
  3. Is their vehicle fitted with dual controls?
  4. Do they teach Automatic and manual driving lessons to keep their options open?
  5. Are they accredited to teach the free keys2drive lesson?
  6. How much experience do they have in driver training and assessing education?
  7. Can they teach your learner defensive driving techniques?
  8. How much experience as a driver do they have? Different vehicles have different skill requirements and technology this determines how well rounded an instructor they will be.
  9. Do they understand and can they explain the System of Vehicle Control, or are they repeating what they have been taught?
  10. Do they keep their skills updated with courses on their own?
  11. Can they teach your learner defensive / advanced driving techniques?
  12. Do they have a professional and calm demeanour?
  13. Do they understand the importance of matching personality types to get the best from your learner?

Parents are you ready to teach your Learner?

Here are some vital points you need to ensure to be ready:

  1. You are required to hold a valid open licence with no outstanding SPERs.
  2. Have you got appropriate insurance on your vehicle?
  3. Is your vehicle road worthy?
  4. Is your vehicle appropriate for your learner?
  5. Are you up to date with current road rules?
  6. Have you passed the online road rules practice written test? To ensure you are passing on the right information.

Take this basic quiz, if you can’t answer any of these questions contact us to book a lesson, come along and get up to date:

  1. k2d_433What is a Canadian Roundabout and how do you use it?
  2. What are the Queensland rules relating to indicating off roundabouts?
  3. What is the correct speed for Learners to travel on Queensland motorways?
  4. Can you wear thongs/flip flops whilst driving?
  5. What is the correct hand position on the steering wheel 10 and 2 or 9 and 3, and why?
  6. Must you keep left in a multi-lane road if the speed limit is 80 Km/h?


You can log times in your logbook for bother Automatic and Manual vehicles (despite your licence preference). You can also drive high powered vehicles, but once you get your P’s you are then restricted to the car that you drive. It’s really important to consider if you want to do the practical test in Manual or Automatic! If you take the test in a manual, you can drive both Manual and Automatic. Whereas, if you take the test in an Automatic you are restricted to only being able to drive Automatics, otherwise there are penalties for driving manual while holding only a Automatic licence.

Please remember if you pay peanuts you tend to get monkeys!

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