Driving Instructors at Streetwise Driver Training Gold Coast

Streetwise Driver Training Gold Coast driving instructors are qualified to the highest levels. We are parents ourselves and truly understand that the safety of your learner driver is paramount.

Streetwise Driver Training ensure our knowledge of road traffic law is always up-to-date, in order to provide you with the most current and accurate information. We are PASSIONATE about road safety and this translates through in every lesson we teach.  We believe in value for money, ensuring you leave the lesson feeling engaged and excited and ready to go and practice your newly attained skills at home.  We encourage both in-car and out-of-car practice, research and homework where this will benefit you.  We also provide drawings, diagrams, lists or any other information that makes your learning journey easier.

Streetwise has trialled and tested our methods for teaching the most technical manoeuvres to guarantee precision every time. We are pleased to be able to offer you both, male and female driving instructors. Streetwise are also proud of inform parents, future students and current, that we have taught students with a wide range of anxiety and learning disorders (read more below!). Lastly, we pride ourselves on maintaining our extremely high driving test pass rate!!


David Heaslip

David has over 20 years’ experience in the industry, having conducted thousands of lessons and successful test passes during his career. His friendly and calm approach to teaching provides an enjoyable and relaxed environment for all his students. David teaches both automatic and manual. He enjoys taking learners on the journey from brand new driver to confident well-trained students who are fully prepared to sit and pass their driving test.

Danielle McCartney

Danielle teaches both automatic and manual lessons, she is also an accredited Keys2Drive instructor. Danielle has a lovely caring nature; she is fully invested in every student she teaches. Her infectious, bright, and bubbly personality can put even the most nervous drivers at ease and keeps them focused on their learning. Danielle has many years’ experience in teaching people to drive. She loves a challenge and is determined to bring the best result possible from each of her students.

Philip Napper

Phil is passionate about teaching students to drive and his students appreciate his gentle and patient nature. Phil has many years of driver training experience having driven all kinds of vehicles in the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Colombia and even a school bus in Zambia! Phil’s life’s experiences of people and places enable him to pass on many life experiences to his students. Phil ensures every person he instructs is treated with respect and kindness during what can be a highly anxious and nervous milestone. Phil is also accredited to deliver Keys2Drive lessons.

Adam Lucas

Adam has an extensive background in training and driving and has many years’ experience in a variety of industries. Adam is qualified to instruct students in both auto and manual vehicles, and his caring and understanding nature provides the perfect environment for learning to drive. Adam teaches under the philosophy of journeying with each of his students, he enjoys taking on students with various levels of experience and helping them to gain their freedom and independence by achieving one of the most important milestones in their lives; obtaining their drivers licence.

Dan Williams

Dan has over 30 years driving experience both in Australia and overseas. His main focus is safety and defensive driving. Dan teaches both manual and automatic and is qualified in a number of health and safety fields. Dan has trained many students in a variety of subjects and his passion to pass on knowledge is well documented and evident in the results his students receive. He has driven extensively around Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia and is able to bring the best out of every student by focussing on positives and effectively changing bad habits into good habits.

Greg McDonald

Greg teaches both automatic and manual lessons. He has close to 40 years’ experience in driving across a wide variety of different vehicles. Greg instructs in a calm and friendly manner with a focus on enjoying the driving experience while prioritising safe driving habits for all his students.

He is passionate about guiding learner drivers to become safe and confident road users.

Greg understands that learning to drive can be an anxious experience for a lot of people and always ensures his students can learn in a relaxed and positive environment.

We love our team! We believe in “quality” and raising the standards of teaching for every student from all walks of life!

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  • Cert IV in Motor Vehicle Driving Instruction.
  • Full accreditation by Queensland Transport and Main Roads.
  • Blue cards enabling us to work with young students.
  • Comprehensive insurance on all our vehicles.
  • Cert IV in Training and Assessment – we are teachers of teachers!
  • We are a Registered Training Organisation Partner teaching Four Wheel Drive, Driving Instructor Accreditation and many other nationally accredited courses.




Most of all, our Instructors at Streetwise Driver Training are all PASSIONATE about road safety! 
Our specialised driving instructors are also well versed in teaching special needs students with a range of learning difficulties such as Dyslexia, Asperger’s, Anxiety Disorders, Austism and Schizophrenia. We have that understanding that people may suffer from a range of learning disorders. We have years of experience in teaching appropriate methods for students who may need more care in learning to drive who suffer with any of these disorders. We can tailor learning plans specific to each person’s unique way of learning. Simply call us for any further details!

Our world class driver training encompasses the following major competencies:

  1. Road Rules Knowledge: The most important of all the driving skills. You would not be considered good at sport if you didn’t know the rules. To be a good driver you need to know the rules. It’s difficult to perceive what might go wrong if you don’t know what is supposed to happen in the first place.
  2. Vehicle Operational Skills – These basic functional skills teach you how to take off, indicate, change gears, do a hill start, park the car, etc. Teaching muscle memory reflexes will ensure driving becomes a safe habit, we will show you how.
  3. Hazard perception/Identification Skills: Skills to help us identify or perceive the risks around us. Our proactive curriculum teaches drivers to take a worst case scenario and factor it in. By the time of being a P Plate driver you should be looking 100 metres in all directions, we will teach you the skills to do this.
  4. Crash prevention skills: E.g. when following other traffic, a proactive driver will slow down immediately if they see the risk up ahead. They won’t wait for the car in front to slow down first. We teach to pre-emptive driving strategies for all driving conditions.  This includes safe travelling and stopping distances.
  5. Attitude Development: Driving a vehicle solo is an incredibly responsible task, taking into account your passengers, other road users, and your own well being. You are accountable and must take the act of driving seriously. Too many drivers on the road like to blame ‘others’, we teach you how to be a fully accountable driver. The ‘third person’ effect suggests that psychologically drivers consider its always ‘the other’ person in the wrong or that the danger will occur for, we teach you how to see the reality of all situations and take ownership for your driving choices.