Defensive (Pre-emptive) Driver Training

Intensive one on one or small group training

We run a half day Safe Driving Behaviours Course offering you a Certificate of Attendance for this training, with our professional and knowledgeable Streetwise Driver Trainers.  This training is informative and highly practical, which will provide you with life enhancing experiences in the art of driving and crash avoidance and emergency braking – skills for life.

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We run our Safe Driving behaviours course, which is a half day theory and practical training session with a dedicated instructor.  We address all crash avoidance skills, along with looking at the Fatal 5 and how negative driving attitudes effect our behaviours, creating bad habits.  We aim to pre-empt and kerb bad behaviour.

This can be booked and tailored to any Learner, P Plater or Open licence holder – as we take bookings for small groups up to 3 people maximum

Become a competent, capable, all round SAFE driver with our       Half day Safe Driving Behaviours Training

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Safe Driving Behaviours Training Pathway –

Attitude and behaviour:
Peer group pressure; Courtesy; Staying calm.

The Fatal Five:
Over confidence; Risk taking; Inexperience; Peer Influence; Inattention.

Drugs and alcohol:
Detrimental effects; Medication.

Road Rules:
Understanding; 10 common mistakes.

Being a Defensive Driver:
Hazard perception; Reaction time; Safe following distances.

Driving Situations:
Wet roads; Dirt roads; Emergency braking.

Vehicle Maintenance:
Under-bonnet checks; Tyres and pressures; Tyre changing, Lighting and glass.

Vehicle safety and control:
Seating and posture; steering; What is ABS, SRS, ESP, DSC.

To participate you need –

The attitude and desire to learn.
The car you usually drive.
BYO lunch and water.

The focus of this Defensive Driver Training is on attitude development, learning how to appreciate the handling of vehicles. And ultimately recognising your own responsibility and control of YOUR vehicle. We work on skills to identify risks and adjusting behaviours so that you are part of the solution, not the problem!

Contact us for details on dates, venues and pricing – we offer Gift Vouchers for all defensive driving courses!

What are students say about us…

“I could not be happier with Streetwise Driver Training, my driving instructor Brooke was just awesome.. I had had my learners for 10yrs and didn’t have the confidence to drive or to go for my test, but after 1 – 2 lessons with Brooke, she made me feel like I could achieve anything.. She has a wonderful way of making u feel so at ease behind the wheel, she explains things in detail, so that you totally understand what she is saying.. I would recommend Streetwise Driver Training to anybody, special those who lake the confidence behind the wheel like I did.. I cannot thank Brook enough for what she has helped me to achieve.. Thanks again Brooke and Streetwise Driver Training for helping me to FINALLY get my license…”
“The reason I finally got my driving licence is because Brooke was more than just a driving instructor. It was a pleasure driving with her. Her joyful character and her empathy gave me confidence to overcome my fears and persevere to attain my goal. She communicates very well and shows much patience towards her students. So friendly and simple, Brooke makes driving easy. The teaching techniques that she possesses turn the novice into a good driver in no time. So if you want to go for your driving licence there is no better choice than Streetwise Driver Training Pty Ltd. “