By booking with Streetwise Driver Training I agree to the following:

  • I will ensure that I carry my learners or other legal driving permit with me on every lesson.
  • I will obey all traffic regulations and laws of the state whilst participating in training.
  • I will attend all lessons without being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, I understand that under such circumstances my lesson may be terminated by my instructor and a full lesson fee will be charged. This includes having zero alcohol/drugs in my system. I will submit to a breath test if asked and/or understand that my lesson will not proceed if my instructor has any reason whatsoever to believe that I have taken alcohol or drugs.
  • I agree to pay for each lesson prior to the lesson unless otherwise arranged with Streetwise Driver Training.
  • I understand that under privacy legislation my instructor is not able to offer information about my lessons to another person unless agreed by myself.
  • I will ensure that I am prompt to arrive or be picked up for my lessons; if I am late, the lesson starts late it will finish at allotted time and I will be charged the full lesson fee.
  • I have read and understand Streetwise Driver Training’s rescheduling and cancellation policy.
  • I agree to pay for the excess on Streetwise Driver Training’s insurance if I am at fault in causing an accident.
  • NB: All Streetwise vehicles are covered under Streetwise Driver Training full comprehensive vehicle insurance. 
  • If an instructor is using a client’s vehicle it is expected all appropriate insurances will cover the use of the vehicle.
  • I give Streetwise Driver Training permission to use photography/video of me passing my test for marketing purposes only on the company website, Instagram or Facebook. If I do not wish this to occur I will not participate in having my photo taken at the time.


We require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice to cancel or move your driving lessons without incurring a fee.

  • If you advise Streetwise Driver Training of cancellations or rescheduling of lessons within the 24 hour period but it is still the day before, Streetwise Driver Training reserve the right to charge a 50% cancellation fee for such cancellations and changes.
  • If you cancel your lesson on the same day or you do not show up for your lesson, you will forfeit 100% of the lesson fee.

Sunday and Monday driving lessons: As the office is not open on Sundays, you must contact us on Saturday to avoid incurring the 100% cancellation fee if you wish to change or cancel you lesson for Sunday or Monday.  

Cancellation or changing of driving tests

  • You are required to advise Streetwise Driver Training at least 48 hours prior to your driving tests and lesson booking time.  If you do not or, if you forget to bring appropriate paperwork or your licence you will forfeit 100% of the test package.  Driving tests cannot be rescheduled within 48 hours notice and you will lose your driving test booking fee.  
  • Any driving tests that are changed, moved or cancelled do require our administration team to go to some effort to do this on your behalf, we therefore charge a $25 administration fee on any test booking changes that you may request.

Voucher Validity Periods:

Pre-paid packages are valid for the following periods from the date of first booking or payment whichever is earlier:

As Keys2drive is a Government funded lesson this cannot expire.

Intro packages – expire within 8 weeks

3 lesson packages – expire within 12 weeks

5 lesson packages – expire within 24 weeks

10 lesson packages – expire within 52 weeks

*There are no refunds available on any packages purchased*