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Why start with the cockpit on the first lesson

The first topic we run through will all students at any stage in their logbook or learning is how to set up their seat, hold the steering wheel and adjust their mirrors.  We find many students who have either been with other driving schools prior to coming to Streetwise or have driven with Parents for any […]

By |August 30th, 2015|Driving School Gold Coast|

Why we indicate off roundabouts


There are many people that don’t indicate off roundabouts, or if they do they get us more confused that need be.  In Queensland it is a policed law to indicate off roundabouts.

Simply put, there are 2 parts to a roundabout;

Entering the roundabout
Exiting the roundabout

Firstly, on approach to the roundabout […]

By |August 9th, 2015|Driving School Gold Coast|

Locking doors whilst driving a vehicle

There are many discussions around the safety of locking doors whilst driving, some argue that if it is locked it is more difficult to remove passengers in the event of a serious crash.  When there is an impact, often the doors are pushed in and don’t open, whether they were locked or unlocked, the impact […]

By |July 26th, 2015|Driving School Gold Coast|

How to reverse a vehicle and reversing direction clarified

Almost all Learners and many fully licensed people get confused with their direction when reversing their vehicle.

Which is understanding, if you think about it, we spend most of our lives driving “forwards”, of course our minds are always referencing where we want the front of the vehicle to go… ie. The front passenger side of […]

By |July 12th, 2015|Driving School Gold Coast|

Changes to Queensland learner driving test procedures you need to know!

There has been a lot of talk in the media recently about the Learner driving test becoming harder from the end of June 2015.

Unfortunately, it is true; there is a new test sheet that will be introduced.

Fortunately though, this isn’t an issue for Streetwise students, it is only a concern for people who don’t get a few […]

By |June 29th, 2015|Driving School Gold Coast|