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Reversing skills made simple

Look in the direction you are travelling….

Seems like a simple piece of advice and almost unnecessary to write a blog about!  We assume most people do this in every aspect of life, walking, running, bike riding and driving.  Yet, as a driving instructor on the Gold Coast for 9 years I see the patterns in […]

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How to support your new solo P Plater

The scariest time in a Parent’s life is the day they wave their brand new P Plater out of the driveway as the excited P Plater embarks on their first independent drive.  If parents felt vulnerable throughout the 100 hour logbook process with only a handbrake and a loud voice to keep both of them […]

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Traffic Offender Intervention – Safe Driving Behaviours Program

Due to the high demand and success of the Streetwise Traffic Offender Intervention – Safe Driving Behaviours program, I thought I’d offer some background to its growing success across the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and NSW regions.

As the most reputable driving school on the Gold Coast, our Course Trainers are Accredited Queensland Transport Driver […]

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Parents, Do You Plan?


A call out to Parents….. Every day we meet new Learners who are being guided by a mixture of intrepid and excited parents getting them started with their logbooks. We would like to offer some tips to ensure […]

By |October 27th, 2016|Driving School Gold Coast|
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Safe Driving Behaviours

Traffic Offender Intervention Program – Court Diversion Training
As road safety specialists, Streetwise Driver Training over the past 9 years been privileged to train thousands of Learners at all ages and stages, we have systematically identified the driving skill adoption patterns and driving behaviour trends of Learners, through to open- Solo drivers. This has enabled Streetwise […]

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