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Don’t let one mistake define you. Impress the Magistrate and deal with it proactively by enrolling in our course. So if you’ve received a court summons for a traffic offence and would like a chance to reduce your penalty enrol in our Magistrates Recognized Traffic Offenders Intervention Program and put your mistake behind you with less pain.


  Need your licence?

  Can’t live with the embarrassment of not having it?

  Shudder at the thought of public transport?

Why Choose Us

We provide Magistrates Recognized training.

Our Trainers specialise in basic to advanced driver

and road safety education. We tailor our training

to your specific needs and address the behaviours

behind your driving offences by creating

strategies to ensure no


  • Half Day Individual or Small Group Training
  • Tailored to Your Specific Traffic Offence
  • Comprehensive Road Rules Refresher
  • Available 7 Days per Week
  • Re-evaluate And Improve Driving Attitudes And Behaviours
  • On-road Driving Assessment

Comprehensive Half Day Training,
Tailored To Your Offence.

Program Options

Our courses address many unsafe driving practices and may be tailored to suit your needs. If you are appearing before the magistrate for any of the following, we can help you.

Alcohol or Drug related offences


Mobile Phone use Whilst Driving

Licence Disqualification

Work or hardship licence application

Careless or Dangerous Driving

Driving an Unregistered Vehicle

Driving without a Current Licence

Take Control, Reduce The Penalty
& Move On

Magistrates are known to take into account the remedial actions of individuals when handing down penalties. People who can demonstrate to the court they have taken action to correct an incident of poor judgement while driving may receive a lighter punishment. Magistrates will often consider a deduction in your impending fine of our course costs


Frequently Asked Questions

1. This course is predominantly for first and second time driving or traffic offenders who have received a notice to attend Court or have already had a first appearance in Court. You can also complete our program prior to Court attendance if you wish.

2. As a specialist driving school, we also offer this course to anyone as a ‘driving diversion program’.  We have many L and P Platers attend our course   also who, upon successful completion you will receive a Certificate of Attendance for “Safe Driving Behaviours Training”.

3. We have many parents send their Learner / P Plater on this course to ensure that their child is safe and as knowledgeable as possible on our busy roads.

4. We have many students who have been involved in or affected by a road accident or trauma (either as a pedestrian, passenger or driver) that use this   program as a way of building confidence around their anxiety about driving, traffic, road rules and vehicle handling.

The following offences include car and truck licence holders:

1. Suspended licences
2. Disqualified drivers
3. Driving without a current licence / driving on a suspended licence
4. Drink or Drug related driving
5. Unsafe driving
6. Driving unregistered or uninsured
7. Type 1 Hooning driving offences such as:

  • dangerous driving
  • careless driving
  • organising, promoting or taking part in racing and speed trials
  • wilfully starting a motor vehicle in a way that makes unnecessary noise or smoke
  • evading police

8. Type 2 Hooning offences including anti-social driving behaviours such as:

  • street racing, burnouts, loud music in cars
  • dangerous operation of a vehicle and careless driving
  • driving a vehicle that is uninsured and unregistered
  • driving without a licence or when your licence is suspended
  • low, mid or high range drink driving
  • driving a modified vehicle that does not comply with vehicle safety standards

9.   Special Hardship Order applications
10. Appeal of a licence disqualification
11. Implications of a traffic accident involvement
12. Loss of Demerit Points such as:

  • Speeding
  • Operating a mobile phone whilst driving
  • SPURS; parking fines

We have found that over the years of delivering this diversion program, students gain a concentrated knowledge base about “cause and effects” related to their driving behaviours. The program offers to re-visit the fundamental skills and ethics of driving a vehicle and road etiquette. We offer solutions to self-regulate your driving behaviours to ensure you don’t re-offend. Our training will ensure that you receive the most thorough information and international best practices training relating to road safety, road rules and driving etiquette. Many drivers become complacent after years of driving; it is our commitment to you to re-educate and restore your values in safe road and driving behaviours, which you can then demonstrate not only throughout the course, but also to your Solicitor, the Magistrate in Court, your family and other road users in the future.

There are no guarantees with regards to Magistrate sentencing, each case is considered by the Magistrate taking into account the individual’s history, circumstances and prior offences along with any proactive programs attended. As this course is highly recognised within the Magistrates, Lawyers and Prosecution it is possible that a lighter sentence and fine may be received. Typically the cost of any diversion programs is factored into the fine attributed to your sentence.

The Streetwise Traffic Offender Intervention Program promotes safe driving behaviours and supports the community by delivering these core messages:

  • Defining and applying safe car / driving behaviours
  • Interpretation and application of low-risk driving strategies
  • Interpretation and application of road rules relating to safe driving
  • Managing collisions when driving a car
  • Demonstrating and maintaining a high level of competence in car control
No this course as stated above is for any type of traffic offence listed above, we work with many people with alcohol and drug driving offences, but there are even more that come to us for the variety of offences listed.
No we do not offer legal advice. We recommend that you contact a Solicitor or Legal Aid for any type of legal advice relating to your matter.
Our trainers have Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport – Car Driving Instruction), Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, BlueCards for working with Children, First Aid and collectively more than 70 years of specialist driver and road safety training in cars, trucks, buses and motorbikes from beginner learners to professional drivers. Over the years we have run on and off road 4WD courses, Defensive and Advanced driving courses and Anti-carjacking and personal protection driving courses both internationally and all over Australia.

We operate this training course on the Gold Coast. People who attend our course travel from as far as Northern NSW, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.

We run our courses from one central location on the Gold Coast in Burleigh. This is where you will be met by your trainer in a group no larger than 3 people to complete this half day training. Location details will be provided to you upon booking your training.

If you have already lost your licence we can still run the course for you, all in-vehicle demonstrations will be conducted by the Trainer, with you as the passenger to demonstrate braking and stopping distances and vehicle physics to ensure you obtain the same level of understanding relating to your offences as any other attendee.

1. Arrange to make payment to Streetwise, either by credit card over phone (2%) fee, EFTPOS over phone (30 cent fee), or internet bank transfer can be arranged through the office.

2. Fill in the enrollment form emailed to you as part of the Student package that will be provided to you.

3. Ensure email receipt of the course workbook and reflective assignment, print them and start working on the assignment prior to attending course, this is an important reflective piece that requires consideration prior to the course, during the course and also afterwards.  Once you have completed the reflection you will need to send a final copy back to Streetwise as part of your final assessment.

Streetwise require an assignment completion as part of the fundamental reflective process that you need to go through as part of your understanding and further demonstration of what you have learnt.  It offers you specific questions to prompt you to think about your driving habits, driving offences and implications they have caused. Once this assignment is completed with the ‘before, during and after’ perspectives you will be able to discuss and demonstrate the issues and also present this to Court to help demonstrate the lengths you have gone to, to rectify your behaviours in a purposeful and constructive way.
It is best to meet us at one of our specified locations so that we can use our demonstration areas and access to appropriate road networks for the in-vehicle components of the course.
  • Your driver’s licence (if you still have)
  • Any court papers you have received
  • Water
  • The printed assignment and workbook
  • A pen
We have a no refund policy.  If you cancel or wish to change your booking date, please consult with Streetwise Administration to see when the next available booking will be. Please consider that this may fall outside of your Court appearance, depending on our availability, we cannot guarantee we will be able to accommodate.