At Streetwise Driver Training Gold Coast, we offer a range of other driving courses:

Along with our world class “Learn to Drive” Automatic and Manual driving lessons, Streetwise are committed to providing you with life long safe driving skills and we are continuing this by developing and offering the following courses and events to people of all ages.  These training courses offer a Certificate of Attendance.

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For Information On Our Traffic Offenders Course Please Click Here.

Keys3drive FREE lesson

FREE Keys2Drive Driving Lesson On the Gold Coast, Streetwise Driver Training were the first driving school to become accredited to teach this great FREE Keys2drive lesson. We have conducted thousands of lessons to many Learner Drivers, at many stages in their learning. Whether its your first hour in the car or you’re ready to take your driving test, we can tailor this lesson to suit you! Keys2drive is a FREE lesson.  It is essentially a P Plate readiness program that requires a fully licenced supervisor to attend with you. It is a full hour long driving lesson with approximately 40 minutes in the car for FREE! This fantastic lesson offers a philosophy for the Supervisor’s teaching and the Leaner’s learning! The time in the car is allocated to your logbook if you have one, if you don’t have one you are still eligible to register for this free driving lesson!!

All keys2drive driving lessons are:

  • 100% FREE! And there is no obligation to book further lessons.
  • Duration: 1 hour.
  • Must include a supervising driver.
  • Provide a valid keys2drive ID code prior to the lesson (we can help you to register for this).
  • Highly recommended and beneficial for both student and supervising driver.
  • Must have an Australian learner licence and only 1 lesson per student.
  • Subject to our Cancellation Policy.
Streetwise Driver Training Gold Coast and Brisbane have taught a number of students with special needs, for further information please click here.

The purpose of the individual Year level pre-Driver Programs is to offer an in-depth and practical day of learning about road safety and vehicle dynamics at the pre-driver level, given that most of the Year 10 and 11 age groups are planning to or obtaining a Queensland Learners Permit. This course is highly relevant as it precedes the on-road and in car learning requirements for Learners, setting them up with practical information and understanding of what vehicles are designed for and how they can be used in pre-emptive road awareness and also sets up the best approaches and philosophy for in car learning that will follow.

Research shows that by the time adolescents gain a Learners Permit they have already learned the driving habits of their parents and people they have been a passenger of since childhood. By the time an adolescent is ready to gain their Learner licence their motivation to learn is at its greatest, we therefore have a captive audience given this motivation to begin instilling safe driving behaviours and influence attitudinal awareness prior to getting in the car to drive.

This course it modified in consultation with each school and year level with appropriate activities according to each group. This course can be run on site or off site.

The Yr 7-10 Road Safety Programs are similar to the Yr 11 and 12, though focused more on road safety awareness as a pedestrian, bike rider, wheel chair operator or other road user. We use fun activities to demonstrate safe reaction times of both vehicle operators and other road users to physically demonstrate action and consequence outcomes.

Have you held a licence for many years?   Possibly drive infrequently or maybe have a partner that usually drives and its time for you to take up more of the driving responsibility?

We have many older drivers who do a lesson or two with one of our Accredited Driver Trainers to get up to date with current road rules, learn how to park, need confidence getting on the motorway, or simply need to build their confidence.  Call Streetwise to discuss booking in a lesson to refresh your road rules.

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